‘Intimate Migrations’ is the working title of an on-going project concerning women who find themselves in transit(ion) – specifically, it explores processes of intentional migration, a move from one place to another that is personally or relationally motivated. I am interested in our stories of before and after, and particularly (the often long) inbetween, our making sense of here-t/here-there, when who we are seems to become so clearly and intricately woven with where we are. This project entails researching these stories, and finding creative ways to express (communicate and understand) them. More about the project, including updates, invitations for participating, reflections and news on workshops, will travel to you via this blog.


5 thoughts on “About

  1. Great idea how do I access this blog or will it come and knock on my door from time to time- barely chat group etc literate

  2. interested to understand your workshops…
    are you till doing them? where?
    is this blog still active as the dates seem older?
    tracy (living in norther italy, us citz. dad greek, mom scottish-canadian…)

    • hi tracy
      thank you for your interest and comments!
      yes – i am still doing workshops – it depends on who is interested and if we can get a good group together – i usually do them here, in porto (north of portugal), although i also consider the areas around (and “around” includes lisbon)
      yes, the blog has been ‘winding down’ as i am in fact currently (re)thinking of where to go with this project…
      i was thinking of doing interviews with other women in transit, relating to an ‘intimate’ migration’
      and publishing them here – of course with the permission and collaboration of the person interviewed
      – interviews could also be “beyond words” to include images, for example – or different forms to express the dialogue
      if you have any ideas, or anything you’d like to share, please let me know!
      very interesting to meet you : )

      • Hi D! caught you at the right moment. I like the above idea to go further with interviews or women’s writing about their experiences. But it might help (from both writing and publishing standpoint) to find a theme within this theme…
        I am in transition as we speak (if you FB you can read my Note in my Profile to find some of the details). But as soon as I get back to my place in italy which whould be in the next ten days or less I can be alot more responsible about thinking and sharing with you.

        I work in sculpture and installations as well so the idea of bringing/keeping art in the mix is appealing to me. Also from the EU funding standpoing! Do you know about Lab for Culture? or there is also a great Mediterrainean/Euro org that might be good to look over. As things come to mind I will let you know. And somewhere along the way we can find about each other ome more. thanks for having your idea in the meantime… the title really caught me as the migration thing is very intimate, or maybe rather has also a very intimate side that is usually kept to ourselves somehow even if and when we talk about all of our moving around(s). gotta run but glad to have connected.

      • great : )
        yes i know about lab for culture, etc. – i’ve been keeping an eye on that ; )
        & i’d love to talk more re keeping art in the mix, and your work too
        so here’s to creatively keeping in touch!
        ps will find you on fb : )

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