T(w)o return(s)

“Every return is born of hope and expectation.” (Alida Gersie & Nancy King, 1990)

the way back

I have just returned (in fact, it’s been two weeks…but I am still finding my way back here) to Portugal, after  a (two-week) visit ‘home’ to South Africa – my first solo trip in the six years since I’ve moved here.  And so, it has been two returns – between two places where my heart resides.  The familiar became strange on both sides.  I was lost in languages, often at a loss for words to give an account of being t/here.  A dislocation akin to those of airports, and the same running need to reach the people I love.  The weight of expectation and frustrated intensions, momentarily balanced by the light presence of glances and gestures.  And in the spin of all this turning towards, turning away, I am still trying to find my way to so(me)(w)here,hoping for the right words to chant and the red steps to click.

“To re-turn is to turn again.  In turning the straight becomes bent. ….Around the bend anything might happen.” (Gersie & King)