“Let your soul go with them”


Some places that inspire me ~ by Sabine Merzenich

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let your soul go with them2

let your soul go with them

whatever...walk on

whatever…walk on

comforting circle - my kids walking through my roots

comforting circle – my kids walking through my roots

just to remember- there's more than this2

just to remember - there's more than this

my dear friend2

my dear friend


When feeling far away (from a place like home)

Where to go to soothe your soul…


i go walking among trees…


or here, especially to our balcony to breathe in the view and vastness of it all


café(s) and lovely interiors also help (and um, yes chocolate cake)

and if i had one, this is where i would go:


from coastalliving.com

(a nice-long-hot bath would always be my first resort)

*Where do you go when your soul needs soothing?

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~ deidré m.