note from the borderlands

“To survive the Borderlands

you must live sin fronteras

be a crossroads.”

~ Gloria Anzaldua (1987)

we are a faded rainbow

in the space between differences

we can be

on both shores at once

to speak from two places

to speak in tongues

to speak in-between

where am i calling from?

i am a woman of colour

of “mixed race”

and mixed feelings

i grew up during the state of emergency

the inbetween times

the time until


i can speak from this past

which is not the past yet


i can choose to speak from this liminal space

of emergency and emergence

from the inbetween

not black or white

i speak from this space

of colour

and migration

outside and inside

this moving place

of not yet and now and until

i can only tell traveling stories

{excerpt from a talk i presented recently: “Somewhere over the rainbow: an inside(r)-out perspective on identity and diversity in South Africa”}

*where are you calling from?  if you are living “in the Borderlands”, i’d love to hear from you ( ~RSVP