In Afrikaans, the word ‘vertrek’ means both room and departure.


Imaginary places


~ because it’s the time of the year (on this side of the world) when the city slows down and the streets go hazy and summer calls everyone elsewhere…

~ because it’s the time of the year (on the other side of the world) when winter starts speaking of loneliness and longing and you dream of being someone somewhere else…

* This postcard is part of my ‘imaginary places’ series: the places one wants to go that exist only in the region of the heart’s imaginings – boa viagem/ voorspoedige reis! ~ deidre m.

S(h)ifting the city



friends come to visit
i hold up a looking glass to the city
i can not find the perfect angle
i’ve always thought it moody
invicta, stubborn and unwieldy
it does as it pleases
like the cats resting
on the window sills
of  its aging buildings
but then
there are moments
the city brushes up against you
weaves around your legs
a soft surprise
and these days
it spins and purrs
for tourists
all done up
though unfamiliar with
all the paint and gloss
(a memory: years ago, after i first arrived, in a cafe
watching an old lady putting on the brightest pink lipstick
…tracing and retracing the feint curve of her mouth – i was mesmerized)
i hold up a looking glass to the city
but i’m no longer sure of my reflections


Reinventing vision

About a month ago, I was invited by Nola to join Migrentrepreneur Women Network (MWN) as a partner.  This has involved setting off on an adventure of reinventing (which was also the theme of the month).  I was particularly inspired by Nola’s post on creating a vision board, so much so that I made one for MWN:

It is actually quite a fun activity – imaginative and transporting, but also grounding (there’s something to gathering thoughts and images, arranging them, layering and pinning them down, and the ta-dah feeling when it all comes together in the end!)… so much so that I revisited a vision board I made last year (and added a few touches – there’s always space for more, after all):

*What do you see (of/ for yourself)?

Travel notes: Brussels, Belgium

I have just returned from a long weekend in Brussels – the impression this rain-defying city left on me is one of diversity: I was expecting familiar notes (in the resonance between Flemish and Afrikaans), but I also found sounds of Portuguese, Arabic, Spanish, Italian and Cantonese, among others.  Then there was the assortment of food and shops reflecting a mix of cultures (reminding me of South Africa as well).  What a (refreshing) difference diversity makes!  What is it like where you are?