Change (of address)

It's official!

It’s official!

Things have been unsettling.  And I have this feeling that there are pebble-on-water-like ripples of change reverberating through (my) past, present and future, shifting beyond my grasp, nuances I can not yet name.  But there has been at least one move I can pin (pen) down: after a long time of searching for space and alternately bemoaning and extolling working from home, I now have a new office (I would like to refer to it as “my rooms”, in dandified writerly style; or “my studio”, a place of creative “action!” – in the sense of a verb in the imperative form; or use the arty and French-sounding term the person with whom I am sharing does: “the atelier” … but somehow I keep leaning towards the official).

This means a different routine, a relatively unfamiliar neighborhood, another responsibility and other possibilities: exciting, but also quite daunting.  Like I said, there are changes that turn my stomach (and could over-turn my world)….

But I hope this is a move I can settle, and I’ve never been one to shy away from new windows.


*How do you deal with change (under un/certain conditions)?


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