Light yellow grey days

“Van al my liggeel dae

teken ek hierdie een op;

dat ek later kan weet hoe swerms

duiwe van die dakke waai,

en dat ek, as ek wil,

later kan lees van ‘n liggeel

dag en van jou hier langes my.”

~ Wilma Stockenstrom

It’s a misty grey day in Porto and I was just listening to the above poem (set to music by South African singer, Laurinda Hofmeyr).  Freely translated it reads:

Of all my light yellow days

I take note of this one;

so that later I can know how flocks

of doves are blown from the rooftops;

and that I, if I wanted,

later could read of a light yellow

day and of you here beside me.

A few days ago we celebrated our seventh wedding anniversary: a light yellow day.

And for this day, I made my partner a “happy memory jar” filled with light yellow notes of significant moments we shared.

But I have also been thinking about everyday yellows, even on grey afternoons, how fleeting they are, and of our attempts to capture them.  Already the cherry trees are moving from blossoms to leaves.  And now I am trying hard to recall being taken by a moment today, yesterday, last week… and I imagine the many scraps of yellowing images flying from the red-tiled roofs of this city (ours among them), unnoticed…

(How) do you document your days?* 


4 thoughts on “Light yellow grey days

  1. Banal as it may sound, but the fastest way now is through the facebook status 🙂 But I try to share the feelings/events of the day with somebody so that in having another person remember them, they (memories) last longer.

    • hi nola, actually i’ve also noticed that facebook has become an alternative kind of “journal” for me! and i really like what you said about sharing memories 🙂 i used to be less digital in my documenting methods 😉 and i miss that so i also always carry a notebook with me!

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