Space – the final frontier?

working from here, at this very moment!

I could not resist the popular cultural reference in the title of this post, as lately, finding (a) space has become a crucial and challenging endeavour.  I currently work from home (see picture above) and while this may appear cosy, the image does not convey the unbearable loudness of drilling coming from the apartment next-door (under construction for the past three months).  And as I am of the conviction that I require a relatively quiet, tranquil space to harmonize my thoughts (a belief perhaps fed by a tendency to procrastinate, judging by the amount of time I take to create said space), this is a bit of a problem.  The park has been a wonderful alternative on days when the winter sky is brightened by a gracious sun, but not always an environment conducive to working (though it does inspire flowery phrasing).  And cafes, another attractive possibility, come with terms and conditions (e.g. the understanding that you will order something; that you will not disturb other clients by pacing up and down “trying to think”; and that you will respectfully accept the chosen genre and volume level of music, etc.).  But this is not all there is to my predicament…

I have also been searching for space to present my workshops, and (until I can afford the studio of my fantasies) this means that I have To Boldly Go – and approach cultural associations and business institutions and creative co-work organizations to ask if they have rooms available.  This implies negotiating the complex choreography of different languages and the intricate art of self-presentation.  For me, it also raises questions about access and in/exclusivity…

As a migrant, do you face similar dilemmas?  How do you go about finding (your) space?


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