Intimate Migrations for Beginners

Soon it will be five years since I moved to Portugal moved by love.  Looking back, here’s a little of what I’ve learned (I hope!):

~ your patience will be tested (by Kafka-esque bureaucrats, the guy at the post office, and most strenuously, by your self)

~ fake it until you make it; or: act natural (like bluffing your way through a foreign language by using certain key expressions -for instance, I found the exclamation “valhe-me Deus” – i.e. God help me – quite useful and convincing! Non-verbal language is especially effective – keenly observing and imitating the appropriate use of shrugging and finger-wagging have served me well too.)

~ you might find your-self at a loss (shortly before and after migrating, I had a recurring dream about my own death – but don’t worry, this was not so much scary as it was…meaningful)

~ Find kindred spirits – this is essential…and surprisingly, entirely possible.

~ …(to be continued)

If you have any enlightening experiences or words of wisdom to share with potential (or co-) migrants for love, please do so – here! RSVP*


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