Mapping the journey


This is a space for tracing the travails of our migrations, the journeys that move us from one geographical location to another, and the shifting borders of our identities, relationships and ways of making meaning that accompany this movement. Welcome.


2 thoughts on “Mapping the journey

  1. Intimate Migration! you have just introduced me to the term I have been looking for since 3 years!
    Good start!

  2. Navigating the world has been a pleasure in my life….

    Navigating my passage from one side of the world to the other for love – my intimate migration – is relatively simple, even with the complex matters packing up a well established life, profession, social network, close and intimate friends of many years, of leaving a beloved home and community, my belongings collected carefully and lovingly over years, my family tribe including my four legged family members much loved, my books, my music collection…my beloved places of nature walked every day…

    In the midst of all that is, now was, known and familiar and certain to the new culture, weather, language, accomodation (not home yet…) no professional status & recognition, no immediate income, forms after forms after forms in a language I am only beginning to speak…no close friends immediately next door for a cup of tea and solidarity…

    and then, much more complex still, navigating the matters of my heart at the centre on this journey – so very much more challenging and tumultuous and unknown, ecstatic and painful…

    thank you for giving my experience a title…

    and looking forward to more on this blog x

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